How 5G Could Impact Immersive Experiences in AEC

While technology underpinning both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has been undergoing development for decades now, the industry has been held back by the pace of innovation across various tech frontiers.  With advancements in networking/connectivity, computing, sensors and graphics, the larger obstacles toward wider adoption of these technologies are becoming less of a […]

Virtual and Augmented Reality Trends Changing AEC

You roll up the ramp to the elevated entrance of the headquarters building. You’re in a hurry; now that you’re running late, you’re eyeing every possible shortcut. The button for the accessible automatic door is located opposite the ramp, past three revolving doors churning out dozens of people each minute. Your pathway is blocked. You […]

Top Technologies Disrupting AEC

A home is constructed with a 3D printer in 48 hours. A drone identifies a miscalculation before a $400,000 block of concrete is poured. A full walk-through of a building before ground has broken eliminates work order changes and saves millions. Concrete infused with bacteria fixes itself when cracks form. No longer Jetsons-like fantasies, futuristic […]

VR/AR Startups focusing on AEC

As investments in virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) grow, the field is starting to develop industry-specific technologies poised to disrupt how the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry does business.   While there are plenty of large companies developing AEC-specific AR and VR technologies, a handful of startups are focusing specifically on AEC. They […]

Immersive Media: The Moneymaker in Architectural Design

Technology prophets have been hailing the game-changing arrival of Virtual Reality and its ilk for decades. And for decades, immersive media—the umbrella term spanning the spectrum of reality-bending technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR)—has remained the interest of niche corners of the technology universe. One could be pardoned for […]

How VR and AR Can Make AEC Safer

A worker walks across a platform, 18 stories above the street.  She moves with her welding equipment toward the corner junction she’s been working to connect for the last few days. As she nears the corner, she slips and tumbles off.  Luckily, her safety harness kept her from falling, but it seems that there is […]

How Haptic Feedback in VR Could Revolutionize Architectural Designs of the Future

Architectural design as a practice has evolved rapidly over the past century. The era of computer-aided architectural drafting and detailing (CAD) began in the 1970s and over the past four decades these computer-aided drafting and detailing services have evolved rapidly in both power and sophistication.   The constant when it comes to CAD is that […]

Latest VR and MR Goggles for Enterprise Applications

Imagine you are walking through the new $700M hospital with the chief trauma surgeon. She is pleased. The sleek and modern design of the waiting rooms, softened with the glow of natural light falling from the skylights and filtered by sweeping ivy tendrils, creates a feeling of calm and healing. That feeling continues through the […]

Why You Should Think of Your VR Project as a Story

“Please, just one more! Please!” chant sleep-bound children anytime they spot an adult who might fall prey to their tactics to sneak in one more bedtime story. Perhaps it’s because kids love manipulating adults into doing things for them, or perhaps it’s because they fear the dark and loathe sleeping. But one thing is certain: […]

Designers who skip entry level pay

What would you say if I told you there was a way to start your career with an income 150% greater than that of your peers? An entry level job without the entry level pay. You can, just by adding one set of skills to your resume.    The one skill that allows you to […]